Brewshot Cafe | About Us
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When the founder of Brewshot first arrived in America, he quickly discovered the country’s passion for coffee. All it took was one sip of a latte from a local gourmet shop – it was exceptionally smooth and rich, unlike anything he had ever tasted before. He fell in love with the different ways coffee can be roasted, brewed, and enjoyed. Soon after, he turned his newfound interest into a commitment to start a specialty coffeeshop that would capture the essence of coffee roasting and brewing craftsmanship.

We started out as a small coffee shop based in Liberty Harbor back in 2012 and have achieved a great deal since then, yet our dedication to mastering the art of coffee brewing and serving it in a unique, inviting atmosphere remains our top priority on the agenda.

In 2017, we added two new locations to our operations:

– Brewshot mobile coffee truck, offering a wide selection of organic, fair trade coffee and tea, freshest baked goods and on-the-go lunch menu selections;
– Brewshot specialty coffee bar & restaurant, combining the best elements of the classic Italian coffee culture, coffee-infused mixology, culinary art and exquisite dining experience.

The new locations added considerable versatility to the products you can find at Brewshot today, however coffee has and always will be the centerpiece of our service.

We are dedicated to delivering the best coffee experience to every customer who visits Brewshot, and work with the greatest minds and talent in the coffee and restaurant industry to achieve this goal. All our food and beverage recipes are continuously crafted by award-winning chefs, mixologists and innovators.

Our coffee, tea, food and cocktails are always prepared with love and consideration for the environment. We use the freshest, top-quality healthy ingredients and guarantee an exceptional taste you won’t experience anywhere else.

What’s more, we cater to all tastes and diet preferences. Vegetarian, vegan, or all-meat fan? We’ve got you covered!

Stop by your local Brewshot today to experience vibrant ambience paired with personalized service – your taste buds will thank you!